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6 month Subscription FABRIC Package

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Give yourself the gift of learning and join our Subscription 2018.

***HURRY! this offer is for limited time only.
Upon joining our Subscription 2018 you will receive all the announced tutorials of the programme straightaway.

Second year in a row we are happy to present you with this unprecedented flower making tutorial offer, our 6 month Subscription 2018 Art Flower Fabric Package.

Here are some of the benefits of our Subscription packages:

❀ 6 (or 12 in the FULL package) new and unique flower making tutorial designs
❀ Value for money
❀ Variety of flowers AND finishes
❀ Separate leather and fabric flower packages offered
❀ NEW package options including both tutorials and DIY flower making kits (see below)
❀ Discounts on DIY flower making kits throughout the year
❀ Access to all the Bonus mini-tutorials automatically included in the packages
❀ Lowest price guaranteed when purchased at launch
❀ NEW dedicated Facebook group exclusively for the Subscription 2018 members
❀ NEW special offers for in-person workshops

❀ +1 more BONUS Flower Tutorial (for yearly subscribers of the FULL package ONLY)


For making flowers you will need a set of millinery tools. If you have not got one you can order one at https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/flower-making-tools-full-set/ .

The schedule for the 6 month Subscription 2018 Fabric Art Flower Package is the following (CLICK ON THE NAMES OF THE TUTORIALS BELOW TO SEE EACH FLOWER IN MORE DETAIL ☺):

❀ February – fabric apple blossom

❀ April – fabric hydrangea

❀ June – SATIN lily

❀ June – VELVET lily

❀ August – fabric rose

❀ October – fabric passion flower

❀ December – fabric water lily


All the tutorials are developed and prepared by Svetlana Faulkner, the creative mind behind PresentPerfect Creations. They come in the form of detailed step-by-step photo tutorials and include short video insertions to demonstrate the most tricky points for you, too.

✦✦✦✦✦ When placing your order please make sure you create an account on our website. This way all your Subscription 2018 and other purchased tutorials can be found in your account as they get released throughout 2018.

If you decide that this offer is not for you, you can always buy selected fabric flower making tutorials as and when you choose.


In case you prefer to learn how to make LEATHER as well as leather flowers please consider our 12 month Subscription 2018 Fabric and Leather Art Flower Package.


Should you have any questions regarding our 6 month Subscription 2018 FABRIC Art Flower Package please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com We’d like to hear from you and help whenever we can.


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