A butterfly trio headdress

Recently I have created a number of butterflies in silk and lace; in fact, too many. To justify it I can say that I was just fulfilling a constant stream of orders for these beautiful creatures. And here is the last piece: a butterfly trio headdress in turquoise and mint hues

Turquoise butterfly headband

This butterfly headband will perfectly complement a summer outfit in similar hues. It is ideal for a turquoise-themed wedding too, either to be worn by a bride or bridesmaids.
I used satin, organza, pongee (all pure silk) and floral lace which I painted by hand as well as beads and seed beads in complementing colours. The thin  metallic headband is wrapped with a strip of pure hand painted silk.

This bright piece of headwear is available from my Etsy shop.

But it is not my first triple butterfly headband. Previously I made a similar headdress in shades of purple

and a white lace butterfly wedding headband

If you are willing to try and make a similar butterfly headband yourself you might want to purchase my .pdf tutorial on a lace butterfly made WITHOUT any special tools which is available from my Etsy shop. With more than 50 pictures explaining in detail the whole process of creating your own designer accessory, this 47 page .pdf ebookwill teach you how to create a delicate lace butterfly to be used in accessories, as wedding decorations, in millinery and much more. I have included the pattern too.

Lace butterfly tutorial

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

lace butterfly headband

New tutorial out! Lace butterfly: a stunning accessory you can make yourself without special tools.

I think I have not met anyone who did not like butterflies. They are fascinating and delicate creatures full of beauty. No wonder we want to capture it and embody in our designs to enjoy their perfection and elegance as and when we want it.
I love creating butterflies made of delicate lace and pure silk. Such designs look appropriate in wedding themes, they are perfect for special occasions, as little girls’ hair accessories, etc. They make a nice gift too.
I have developed this tutorial in a way that you can make your own stunning lace butterfly accessory without having to use any specialised tools.
By varying the size of the butterfly and uBysing coloured laces you can create an accessory to match any outfit. This lace butterfly can be attached to a headband, a hair clip, a brooch base or just sewn onto a garment, such as a wedding dress.  It can be used in millinery too to decorate hats and fasciantors. The applications are endless. Once you have mastered the art of making lace butterflies you can easily create different accessories in sizes and colours that are required.
You will learn how to
  • make beautifully light feather antennae
  • create a stunning body of seed beads
  • wire the wings so they hold their shape
  • attach the butterfly to a headband / hair clip
butterfly 49 new


For those of you who have a set of millinery tools I have prepared a FREE bonus tutorial. The free tutorial explains how to shape the velvet butterfly wings using a set of millinery tools for silk flower making as shown in the picture below. For this butterfly I have used a different template which I have included as well! 
To be able to receive the bonus tutorial you will need to subscribe to my mailing list using the link in the Lace Butterfly Tutorial. 
At the moment the lace butterfly tutorial is available for instant download now from my tutorial shop here.
lace butterfly tutorial
Should you have any questions regarding materials or tools prior to purchasing the tutorial please feel free to contact me either via this blog (comments) or at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com