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Silk Dandelion Clock and Flower tutorial

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Detailed step-by-step silk flower tutorial for flower artists who wish to learn the secrets of a dandelion clock.

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Our Iconic Silk Dandelion with a Flower Tutorial for the most adventurous makers.


By popular demand PresentPerfect Creations are delighted to present this silk dandelion tutorial. silk dandelion flower with a butterfly

You thought making a realistic dandelion clock by hand was not possible? Think again!

The step-by-step detailed photo tutorial reveals the mystery behind this humble garden weed. You will be able to create a wearable brooch with a silk dandelion clock and hopefully many more wonderful pieces.

With a 100 pictures explaining in detail the whole process of creating your own silk dandelion brooch, this 62 page pdf tutorial (no hard copy is available) will unlock the secret of a delicate nature’s creation. Dandelion clocks can be used in jewellery, hat trims, as hairpieces or art toy accessories etc. I have included the pattern and a short video illustrating the process of making the fluffy white seeds too.

To create the dandelion clock itself you will not require any specialist millinery tools. Even if you have never tried making silk flowers you can still use this tutorial. The silk dandelion brooch includes 2 leaves, which will need shaping with hot millinery tools for a more realistic look. If you have not got the tools, you can purchase them here (limited supply only).


The Tutorial now contains instructions on how to make the silk dandelion flower too.

We are pleased to be able to offer material kits for this tutorial, Please find more information on silk dandelion brooch kits at https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/diy-material-kit-for-silk-dandelion-brooch/


SPECIAL OFFER DIY Kit for making a Silk Dandelion Clock and Flower + Silk Dandelion Tutorial

silk dandelion clock tutorial


What you will learn in this tutorial

🌸 how to dye fabric for leaves and stems

🌸 how to make the centre of a dandelion clock

🌸 how to cover stems with fabric

🌸 how to make single white parachutes

🌸 how to assemble the dandelion clock

🌸 how to assemble and finish the brooch

By changing the size of the templates provided you will be able to create dandelion clocks suitable for a range of your projects, from small to large.

Level:  beginner (requires some time and patience)
Time: about 9 hours on average (plus the drying time)

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silk dandelion clock button hat

If you wish to purchase a headpiece or a hat with silk dandelion clocks please check out out selection here.

Please have a look at the list of materials and tools and if you are not sure you have everything you need please convo us before buying the silk dandelion clock tutorial to clarify any questions you might have.

Purchase this tutorial now and you will be able to download it the minute your payment has cleared.
To open the file with a tutorial you will need a programme called Adobe Reader (or similar), and it is free to download on-line.

PLEASE NOTE: NO MATERIALS are included in the price. The price you pay is for a .pdf ebook. There is no charge for postage.

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29 reviews for Silk Dandelion Clock and Flower tutorial

  1. Laura D

    I absolutely love this pattern! While it takes time, the results are totally worth the energy!!!

  2. Adrienne moss

    Really good tutorial with very easy to follow instructions. I have already sold one.

  3. Maria Federica Prezioso (verified owner)

    It is a very good tutorial. Svetlana Leeds you step by step with clear and generous instructions. It needs time and patience, nothing so beautiful comes quickly, but it is worth the pain!

  4. Ros Watts

    I had always wanted to make the dandelion clock as it looks so impressive and it turned out perfectly. The instructions are very clear and it wasn’t difficult to make but it was time consuming and fiddly. It was definitely worth the effort and a complete one off!

  5. Zuzana Vranovska (verified owner)

    I purchased the Dandelion clock tutorial right when it was still hot from publishing.
    I will recommend for any silk flowers creators with a little bit of patience.
    The tutorial is great step by step navigation.

    Thank you for creating this, Svetlana.

  6. jemima cotter (verified owner)

    I loved making my silk dandelion clock, pure magic, it takes time but is incredibly satisfying to do and when you get to the assembly of it it’s just so exciting- highly recommend this tutorial definitely one of my favourites !

  7. Tracy Wells (verified owner)

    Love this tutorial, it’s a way to really test your patience x so worth the time and effort at the end of the day! Beautiful and very effective!

  8. Nancy Doyle

    Just received the kit. The instructions are great. Made a few little trial umbrellas with scraps before he supplies arrived, and they turned out great. It will be time consuming, but a really clever idea.

  9. Tania Hansen

    Tania Hansen (verified owner)

    As with all of Svetlana’s tutorials, she makes the process of dying, cutting and shaping these very delicate looking flowers understandable and possible. I am delighted with all of my tutorial purchases and will continue to purchase them as they are introduced.

  10. Gema Monros

    Gema Monros (verified owner)

    I hope to make my dandilion failrly soon. I am thinking about buying the kit because it will be frustrating not to be able to do It if I am short of supplies

  11. Valentina Maglionico

    I’ve always wanted to make this flower and now thanks to you I can do it. I will take advantage of this period to make it happen. Thanks so much Svetlana.
    Valentina (Italy)


    This is another amazing, simple to follow tutorial from Svetlana. Each step is explained in detail and is easy to follow. The results are beautiful.

  13. Anel Heyman

    Dandelions are one of my favourite things produced by nature! I absolutely loved learning how to make these. The instructions are easy to follow and Svetlana really pays attention to the detail to help you create the perfect finished piece. Thank you for showing us how!

  14. Lorraine Sharpe (verified owner)

    This is one of the best flower tutorials I have done, the instructions were easy to follow and the end result is truly amazing. The dandelions look great on my cocktail hat but also as a home decoration in a vase. Thank you Svetlana.

  15. Maria Rodrigues

    I intend to do it and I will try it if it is really free. Thanks for this opportunity. Here, in Portugal, there is nothing like this.

  16. Jane Beagrie, Olivia Bea Designs

    Thank you Svetlana for the wonderful creative, weekend tutorial we did. I love making the flowers that match my designer outfits.. So do my customers. The dandelion clock it exceptional and easy to follow instructions. The tool I bought from you are great so a BIG thank you. Thank you for the creativity in these difficult times especially. Take care.

  17. Debbie Cooper

    Brilliant tutorial and kit – so effective when finished

  18. Rachel Dawson

    This is such a great way to produce something really beautiful. It’s time consuming but what else have we got to do at the moment and the results are so worth it! Step by step instructions make it a joy.

  19. Katie Harrowven (verified owner)

    All the tutorials are easy to follow .The dandelion is quite a challenge but well worth it I shall perserverver as I have not finished it.Had a great day with you and hope to visit you in Norwich for an other workshop soon.

  20. Martha Jonas (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow instructions. Bought both instructions and kit.

  21. louise doran

    exquisite tutorial the instructions are easy to follow in great detail, beautiful end result

  22. Lezlie Winemaker (verified owner)

    This tutorial is fantastic! All Svetlana’s tutorials are great, I have many! Everything is very well explained and I am thrilled with the results! Thank you for sharing with us!

  23. Anne Reeder

    I saw Svetlana’s dandelion hat at last years London hat week and couldn’t resist buying the kit for the dandelion clock. I’m so pleased I did. It takes time but the instructions are easy to follow and it’s well worth the effort. I am delighted with the result.

  24. Barbara Agnew

    Barbara Agnew (verified owner)

    This is an amazing challenge I’ve started the dandelion clock and I’m so excited to finish it. Thank you for the tuition which is so explicit and easy to follow if I concentrate! Many thanks.

  25. Desi


  26. Chrissie

    I have been longing to get this tutorial and kit for as long as I’ve known about it…I generally work in Cold Porcelain (akin to Gum Paste Flowers) but couldn’t afford it…I was refunded some money and I used it here!

    I could not figure out how the dandelion clocks were made on my own. I have wanted to add these flowers to my offerings, and let me tell you, the clocks look so difficult, yet when you read the instructions they are so amazingly simple to make. This tutorial is brilliant! I wish I could have gotten it years ago. W-O-W!!! I will be making dandelion clocks to add to my cold porcelain ‘plants’ in short order. I am amazed, surprised, grateful. Thank you, Svetlana. Now I take my ‘hat’ off to you. Blessings!

  27. Angharad Guttridge

    A great tutorial; easy to follow with clearly written and photographed step-by-step instructions. It took me a while to work up to starting this tutorial, thinking it was going to be very tricky (because it looks it right?), but it’s actually far more simple than it looks, it just requires precision and a huge amount of patience. It’s well worth it for the end result!

  28. Beth Peaker (verified owner)

    I bought this last year along with the kit for making it. Like all the tutorials I have since purchased from Svetlana it’s clear and very comprehensive. Easy to follow step by step photographs of each stage … plus the wonderful little video clip for the more tricky part. Requires precision and patience but the time was so worth it for the end result. The kit was also great way to start on my flower making journey.

  29. Antonia Black

    Antonia Black

    The dandelion tutorial was the first tutorial I have used from here and I will definitely invest in more as it was really easy to follow and I am so pleased with the results. I would recommend the kit as well as it made the whole thing so much easier for a first try.

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