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NEW Video Tutorial: Fabric Tassel Flowers


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With the help of this video tutorial you will be able to create miniature tassel flowers out of a wide range of fabrics.
Abstract enough, these little flowers can be stylised in many ways. Turn them into mini bluebells, lily of the valley or other type of flower by choosing different materials, colourways and types of arrangement.
This new 36 minute video guides you step-by-step through the whole process of creating these sweet mini flowers. I am also sharing some ideas on how you can use them in your flower pieces.
This Fabric Tassel Flowers video tutorial is aimed at flower artists of all levels, however previous experience in flower making will be helpful. Patience, neatness and attention to detail are required.
You will need one heated tool to shape the flowers.
Different ones can be used for this job depending on what you have got in your toolbox (see the photos to this video tutorial).
All the fabrics for making the tassel flowers need to be stiffened beforehand.
Here is the list of supplies you will need:
✦ Medium to heady weight main fabric (satin, denim, velvet etc)
✦ Lightweight backing fabric of your choice (lightweight silk, metallic fabrics etc)
✦ Lightweight or metallic fabric for making the tassels
✦ Lightweight fabric or ribbon for covering the stems
✦ Paper covered wires #26 + PVA glue, flower shaping tool, medium pad, scissors
* All the fabrics need to be prestiffened before use
DIY kits for making the Tassel flowers can be available upon request and sold separately. Please get in touch if you require a kit.

With this video tutorial you receive access to video instructions from the practising flower artist. Watch the video through the artist’s eyes, follow the instructions and create, create, create!

Level: beginner with tools (requires a flower iron with a set of tools, previous experience in fabric flower making is helpful but not necessary)

Who this tutorial is for:  silver leaf and flower Headpiece detail

❀ milliners

❀ accessory designers

❀ bridal designers

❀ wedding decorators

❀ those, who love to create their own accessories as a hobby


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