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Leather Cornflower Brooch tutorial

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Detailed step-by-step leather flower tutorial suitable for a beginner! Can be made without the use of millinery tools.

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Our Studio is delighted to present new Leather Cornflower Tutorial, featuring a humble but symbolic flower.

The step-by-step detailed tutorial explains how to create a leather cornflower brooch from scratch using genuine leather.

With more than 120 pictures explaining in detail the whole process of creating your own leather flower brooch, this 76 page pdf tutorial (no hard copy is available) will teach you to create a versatile leather flower to be used in accessories, as wedding decorations, in millinery and much more. I have included the pattern too.

Although the leather cornflower tutorial shows how to shape flower parts with heated millinery tools it is perfectly suitable for a beginner flower maker because the cornflower can be made without the use of any specialist tools (the cornflower will have a slightly different look though). By changing the size of the templates provided you will be able to create flowers of different sizes to fit into your projects.

We are pleased to be able to offer leather kits for this tutorial. Please find more information on the leather cornflower brooch kit at https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/diy-leather-kit-for-making-a-leather-cornflower/

What you will learn in this tutorial

🌸 how to stiffen leather flower petals

🌸 how to shape petals by hand

🌸 how to shape petals with millinery tools

🌸 how to make the centre of the cornflower

🌸 how to shape the foliage by hand and with tools

🌸 how to make leather tubes using a special millinery tool

🌸 how to assemble the cornflower

🌸 how to assemble and finish the leather cornflower brooch

Level: beginner (requires time and patience)
Time: about 7 hours on average (plus the drying time)

Who this leather corsage tutorial is for:
– accessory designers (handbags etc.)
– milliners
– leather flower makers
– little girls’ mothers
– those, who love to create their own accessories as a hobby

The cornflower made of leather can be turned into a headdress, a hair clip, shoe clips, a hair vine etc. It can embellish a leather bag, a belt or used in millinery to decorate hats and fascinators. There is very little information available on how to create flowers out of leather so we do hope that you will find this tutorial informative and useful. Should you have any comments or suggestions please contact us at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com

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Please have a look at the list of materials and tools and if you are not sure you have everything you need please get in touch before buying the leather cornflower tutorial to clarify any questions you might have.

Purchase this tutorial now and you will be able to download it the minute your payment has cleared.
To open the file with a tutorial you will need a programme called Adobe Reader (or similar), and it is free to download on-line.

PLEASE NOTE: NO MATERIALS are included in the price. The price you pay is for a .pdf ebook. There is no charge for postage.

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1 review for Leather Cornflower Brooch tutorial

  1. Silvana Allen (verified owner)

    I bought the tutorial and the kit for make this gorgeous cornflower. Very easy to follow the instructions with the kit together.
    My flower was so perfectly made and my friend thought that was a real flower.
    Thank you

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