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NEW Denim Daffodil Brooch video tutorial


🕊️ Brand New

Detailed  VIDEO TUTORIAL on one of the bright spring classics with a modern feel

versatile application (fabrics, leather, denim)

❀ Suitable for beginners 

❀ 70+ minutes of video tuition on demand

❀ No specialist tools required



New DENIM DAFFODIL TUTORIAL (beginner friendly)

What flower symbolises early springtime most of all? There are many, perhaps, but the most symbolic, bright and recognisable for me is DAFFODIL.

This versatile tutorial on a seasonal brooch with a stylised daffodil flower will help you quickly put together a cute daffodil brooch with a denim daffodil brooch closeup contemporary feel using

  • denim (as shown in the video)
  • other fabrics in more realistic colours (for example satin and velvet)
  • or even leather.

This method works very well with a wide number of materials and what’s best, you will not even need any specialist tools as I am am sharing some alternative methods of 3D shaping.

In case if you wish to use the tools I am demonstating in the tutorial, I highly recommend this Essential Leaf Shaping Set of 2 

DIY kits for this tutorial may be avaialble on demand.

What you will learn in this tutorial

🌸 how to prepare your materials for making the flower

🌸 how to back flower parts in different ways

🌸 how to make decorative cuts in the petals

🌸 how to shape petals with millinery tools (optional)

🌸 how to make the attractvie crown for your daffodils

🌸 how to assemble the daffodil flower

🌸 how to cover stems/ tendrils/ ties with fabric neatly

🌸 how to assemble and finish the daffodil brooch to make it wearable

Level: enthusiastic beginner (requires neatness and precision, previous experience helpful but not required)


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