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Fabric Lily of the Valley Tutorial

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Detailed step-by-step fabric flower tutorial for flower artists who wish to master the delicate and charming Lily of the Valley flowers from scratch using flower shaping tools.

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Fabric Lily of the Valley tutorial is designed to introduce the elements of realistic silk flower painting. You will find it particularly useful if you wish to learn how to make yourfabric lily of the valley tutorial  very own delicate lily of the valley flowers completely from scratch without any special lily of the valley shaping tool.

The favourite flower of the famous couturier Christian Dior, delicate lily-of-the-valley is loved by many. It’s plump porcelain like miniature bells strung on thin arching stems are wonderful to look at and smell divine.

With more than 150 pictures explaining in detail the whole process of making your own fabric lily of the valley, this 93 page pdf tutorial (no hard copy is available) will unlock the secrets behind these delicate bells created completely from scratch without the use of any special lily of the valley tool. I have included the pattern which features the flowers and buds of different sizes. You will also learn how to make variegated ivy as well as lily of the valley leaves, great for this and other projects.

fabric lily of the valley tutorialThe photo tutorial comes with two additional videos that demonstrate most tricky points for you and explain how to make a leather version of these beautiful flowers.

To create the fabric lily of the valley buttonhole you will require some millinery tools. Please refer to the photo which shows which tools (or similar) you will need for this tutorial. To purchase millinery tools used in this tutorial  please click here for more information.

We are pleased to be able to offer material kits for this tutorial, Please find more information on fabric lily of the valley DIY kits at https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/diy-kit-for-making-a-fabric-lily-of-the-valley/

What you will learn in this Fabric Lily of the Valley tutorial:

🌸 how to dye all the parts of the buttonhole in a realistic manner

🌸 how to create a variegated effect on fabric leaves

flower shaping tools elliptic

🌸 how to back leaves with different types of fabric

🌸 VIDEO on how to shape delicate lily of the valley flowers and buds with millinery tools

🌸 how to assemble lily of the valley flowers and buds onto stems

🌸 how to assemble ivy leaves into vines

🌸 how to assemble and finish the fabric lily of the valley buttonhole

Level:  intermediate (requires neatness and precision, some previous experience in flower making is helpful)
Time: about 7 hours on average (plus the drying time)

Please have a look at the list of materials and tools and if you are not sure you have everything you need please get in touch before buying the silk dandelion clock tutorial to clarify any questions you might have.

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To open the file with a tutorial you will need a programme called Adobe Reader (or similar), and it is free to download online.

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