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Presenting a new fabric flower making ebook which will introduce you to the exciting art of fabric flowers

Love romantic flower accessories? Thinking about taking up fabric flower making? Not sure where to start? My new Introduction to Fabric Flower Making ebook is out! It will introduce you to the exciting world of fabric flowers, guide through the fabrics, supplies and tools required and give a number of stiffening solution recipes to try.

Who is this book for:
– milliners
– accessory designers
– silk flower makers.
– crafty people who love to create beautiful things by hand
– those who are looking for a new unusual craft to try

Purchase this e-book now and you will be able to download it the minute your payment has cleared (usually it takes a couple of hours for PayPal payments, instant download is available for payments done by credit cards via direct checkout ).
To open the file with a .pdf book you will need a programme called Adobe Reader (or similar), and it is free to download on-line.

PLEASE NOTE: NO MATERIALS are included in the price. The price you pay is for a .pdf ebook. There is no charge for postage.

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