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NEW – Two Tone Fabric Chrysanthemum tutorial

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Detailed step-by-step flower tutorial for flower artists who wish to learn the secrets of the impressive large chrysanthemum, a truly royal flower, made in 2 colours.

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This fabric chrysanthemum tutorial is aimed at intermediate flower making artists with a set of flower shaping tools. The chrysanthemum flower comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.  In this tutorial you will learn how to create a large two tone chrysanthemum of playful shape in either realistic or fantasy colours. The tutorial does require the use of millinery tools (available to order here).

With more than 120 pictures explaining in detail the whole process of creating your own two tone fabric chrysanthemum brooch, the 76 page step-by-step detailed digital photo tutorial (no hard copy is available) uncovers the mystery behind the iconic multipetal chrysanthemum flower. Easier made than you can think the flower has numerous applications. The chrysanthemum flowers you create with this tutorial are perfect for jewellery, headpiece and hat trims, home decor. The tutorial contains tips on how to make a wide variety of fabric chrysanthemum flowers using the instructions for this one. The photo tutorial comes with an additional video that demonstrates most tricky points for you.

To create the leather chrysanthemum brooch you will require specialist flower shaping/ millinery tools (can be ordered here). Please refer to the photo which shows what supplies and tools you will need for this tutorial.

In case if you have not got millinery tools, consider making the fabric version of this  No Tool Leather Chrysanthemum, a video demonstration on which is available here

We are pleased to be able to offer fabric kits for this tutorial. Please find more information on chrysanthemum brooch kits at https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/diy-material-kit-for-making-a-fabric-chrysanthemum-brooch/
fabric chrysanthemum tutorial leaf bonus
Some of this detailed tutorial features include: 
✅ learn to dye chrysanthemum petals petals using 2 colours in a realistic or fantasy manner
✅ discover a quicker way ofcutting out multiple petals without a template
✅ give the petals more body and volume using two techniques
✅ learn to shape the petals with a number of tools for different final look
✅  master the chrysanthemum flower assembly

✅ get ideas of how to add variety to your chrysanthemum and create a number of pieces with this flower
✅ receive a complimentary BONUS on gorgeous chrysanthemum leaves (see photo)!

Level:  intermediate (requires neatness and precision)

Time: about 8 hours on average (plus the drying time)


Please have a look at the list of materials and tools and if you are not sure you have everything you need please get in touch with us before buying the fabric chrysanthemum tutorial to clarify any questions you might have.

Purchase this tutorial now and you will be able to download it the minute your payment has cleared.
To open the file with a tutorial you will need a programme called Adobe Reader (or similar), and it is free to download online.

PLEASE NOTE: NO MATERIALS are included in the price. The price you pay is for a .pdf ebook. There is no charge for postage.

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2 reviews for NEW – Two Tone Fabric Chrysanthemum tutorial

  1. Marie Vanesse


    As usual with Svetlana’s tutorials, this one is very well made : each step is precisely explained and the pictures are clear and very helpful. The linked video is also precious, to see detailed gestures for some steps. I am very happy I bought this Chrysanthemum tutorial, it will complete my collection of flowers (I already posess and make several roses from “advanced silk roses masterclass”, and various flowers after purchasing the 6-months silk flowers bundle a few years ago 🙂

  2. Birgitte Gylling

    Great instructions for a beautiful flower. Very detailed instructions and good photos makes it easy to follow. The technique can easily be used for a number of other flowers – natural or more artistic ones

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