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Fabric camellia tutorial (video)


Season inspired beautiful camellia japonica flowers can now be enjoyed throughout the year! Create your own camellia corsage, hairpiece or trim a hat with these striking blooms in the colour of your choice.


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The material kit for this fabric camellia tutorial can be purchased here https://presentperfectcreations.com/product/diy-material-kit-for-making-a-camellia-japonica-corsage/

In Japanese literature the camellia flower symbolises the samurai warrior, a professional soldier in feudal Japan who’s main task was to defend his clan leader. As you can imagine samurai often had short lives. The flower of the camellia plant also has a short life and after a few days falls to the ground in one piece, bringing to mind the image of the fallen soldier.

Creating this beautiful flower in fabric allows us to admire it any time of the year. Camellias are ideal for a spring wedding or other occasion at this time of the year. In fact a range of accessories that can be made using camellia flowers can be very wide including brooches and corsages, hair combs, headdresses, hat trims etc.

Flowers of various camellia species differ in size, number of petals etc. This detailed video tutorial shows how to create Camellia japonica simple open flowers with prominent stamens in the middle.
90 minutes of video instructions from the practicing flower artist get delivered right into your inbox in minutes. Watch the video through the artist’s eyes, follow the instructions and create, create,create!

Level: intermediate (requires time, patience and a flower iron with a set of tools)
Time: about 6 hours on average (not including the time needed for the fabric to dry)

Who this tutorial is for:

❀ milliners

❀ accessory designers

❀ bridal designers

❀ wedding decorators

❀ little girls’ mothers

❀ those, who love to create their own accessories as a hobby.

The Camellia japonica corsage pack includes 4 videos with detailed instructions, a template sheet with notes and a tools and supplies checklist (which can also be found in the pictures to this product).

If there are questions as to how to download the tutorial pack please read this short explanation here


Please have a look at the list of materials and tools and if you are not sure you have everything you need do not hesitate to contact us before buying the tutorial to clarify any questions you might have. Alternatively, watch this video:

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