denim camellia brooches
Classic denim camellia brooch

classic camellia flower in blue denim

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denim camellia flower
denim camellia flower side
Denim camellia flower brooch

contemporary shape of a classic camellia flower

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camellia video tutorial
silk camellia tutorial
Silk Camellia Japonica VIDEO Tutorial

Season inspired beautiful camellia japonica flowers can now be enjoyed throughout the year! Create your own camellia corsage, hairpiece or trim a hat with these striking blooms in the colour of your choice.

❀ beginner friendly video course
❀ 3 online video lessons +  BONUS
❀ 90 minutes of VIDEO tuition on demand
❀ unlimited access for enrolled students
❀ learn to make beautiful silk camellias in your own time
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silk camellias
silk camellias
Pink silk camellias corsage

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silk camellia
silk camellia
Silk camellia hairpiece in pink

This hairpiece with an oversized silk camellia flower in shades of pink is a intricate and delicate accessory to complete your romantic bridal image. The pink camellia headdress is ideal for spring weddings. If you would prefer you could have the oversized silk camellia hairpiece in pure white or ivory colour. ❀ original PresentPerfect Creations studio design ❀ perfect for a spring wedding ❀ hand crafted from scratch using advanced techniques ❀ silk fabrics painted by hand ❀ mounted on a silk covered metallic headband ❀ fits any … Read More

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