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Advanced Techniques for Fabric Flowers


45 minute long practical video demonstration on demand


Advanced Techniques for Shaping Fabric Flowers (overview demonstration)


This is a 45+ minute practical video demonstrating some of the more advanced techniques of working with a range of fabrics to create couture flowers for your brooches, hats, headpieces and wearable art pieces.

This themed demonstration is aimed at intermediate and advanced students who would like to enhance and improve their fabric flower shaping skills and learn new secrets behind perfectly shaped stunning fabric flowers.

Learn how different fabrics are can be used for for making different flowers, how to shape different types of flower petals as well as leaves using millinery tools and other less known techniques.

The demonstration focuses on the following techniques:

  1. Backing and shaping backed leaves and petals
  2. Cold shaping and shaping with tweezers
  3. Combination petal shaping with several millinery tools.


This technique overview demonstration  will be of interest to hat and flower makers who are serious about making their own exquisite fabric flowers.

The video demonstration is NOT a tutorial on any particular flower.

If you wish to learn how to make a particular flower please feel free to browse our Video Course and Photo Tutorial section here.


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