Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our limited edition fabric pack

As you probably well know In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. Many events and activities have been planned and will be happening throughout the UK and beyond to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee including a number of design contests. We can not stay away from the festivities and are offering to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a timited edition fabric pack. Do read on to … Read More

Wild Leather Violets Tutorial

This is a fun free tutorial on stylised wild violet flowers made of genuine leather without the use of any specialist tools. The wild leather violet tutorial is suitable for all levels including complete beginners. Other no tool beginner friendly flower making tutorials can be found here. Here is a list of tools and supplies we will need for making our leather violets: 💜  thin genuine leather/ suede (lamb, goat, pig) in suitable colours 💜  contrasting leather for a butterfly … Read More

Welcome to Live Online Flower Making Demonstrations

In 2021 I introduced a new educational format to what PresentPerfect Creations Studio has already had to offer, mainly Live Online Demonstrations. These 90 or so minute long live Zoom meetings give me an opportunity to cover some topics and subjects that ae difficult to fit into a tutorial or a video course. For example, compare a tooled and no tool version of the same flower, or show how to make a design using both types of materials (leather and … Read More

Basic Method of Stiffening Fabrics for Flower Making

All the fabrics that are used in flower making, need be be stiffened before use. This makes fabrics more stable, gives them body and ultimately allows petals and leaves keep their 3D shape. There are different ways of stiffening fabrics and different stiffeners one can use. Below in a short video I am sharing a basic method of stiffening fabrics for flower making using Stiffy, a PVA glue based stiffener. With the same success you can dilute some good quality … Read More

How you can make your flowers quicker

In this fast moving world, time is of the essence. We all want to achieve great results, make more beautiful pieces without wasting much time. Is that even possible? The question I get asked time and time again is about the production time of handmade flowers, or how you can make your flowers quicker. If you have ever tried to make a flower from scratch it should come as no surprise just how much time every piece takes to produce. … Read More

Silk Flower Circlets

Silk flower circlets aka flower head wreaths / garlands are yet another way to showcase your handmade flowers. The simplest way to make a circlet / wreath is to create a closed circle using the stems of you handmade flowers (see the photos of the silk daisy circlet and the silk rosebud wreath).   For the best fit you need to know the head circumference of the wearer. These head wreaths can be made very symmetrical or asymmetrical. You can use … Read More

Flower Hair Combs

Flower hair combs for weddings and beyond. Mounting handmade flowers onto a hair comb is yet another great way of creating a wearable floral piece and showcasing the flowers you make. Unlike a headband, hair combs are more versatile, as their position in a hairdo can be easily changed depending on a hairstyle or personal preferences of the wearer. For a hair comb you can choose a selection of small flowers, silk or leather (see the photo with blue hydrangea flower hair … Read More

Flower chokers

Delicate silk flowers seem to be a perfect fit for flower chokers , these romantic close-fitting necklaces that have remained popular over the years. Perfect for bridal and evening wear, especially with strapless open neckline dresses flower chokers can accentuate the slender neck of the wearer as well as add a soft floral touch to the overall look. A medium sized rose works well here. As we dye our silk flowers from scratch the flower choker can be easily matched … Read More

❀ NEW ❀ Leather Sunflower DIY kits

New Leather Sunflower DIY kits just in time for summer. Summer is in full swing and handmade sunflowers are all the rage right now. Silk or leather, these bright summer flowers look great anywhere from a beach to a wedding reception. Talking of which, one of my latest custom orders was a collection of sunflower brooches for a wedding party in the New York area. Leather sunflower is one of my earlier tutorials. Relevant today as it has ever been … Read More

Denim Flowers

At PresentPerfect Creations studio experiments never stop. I try and test different fabrics, colours, shaping and assembly methods to create unusual yet wearable designs. One of the less traditional fabrics for flower making that has always attracted me (and my customers!) is cotton denim. Robust enough for everyday wear, so familiar and loved by many it lends itself well to a variety of flower shapes, simplistic and more intricate alike. Add skilful shaping with tools, backing with metallic fabrics and … Read More

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