Flower shaping tools, part 1: Extra narrow flower shaping tools

For 2019 I have planned a series of short videos demonstrating how to works with different types of flower tools. I believe this will help you understand your tools better and use them to their full potential achieving great shapes and lines on your petals and leaves. For this week I have prepared the first one of these videos. For the first video I have chosen one of my favourite tools and probably one of the most used ones, the EXTRA NARROW  … Read More

Pantone colours Spring Summer 2019

Each season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report; a colour overview highlighting the top colours fashion designers showing at London Fashion Week will be featuring in their collections for the upcoming season. With colour on the catwalk a key indicator of the colour stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important … Read More

How to choose a flower iron?

How to choose a flower iron? IMPORTANT    –    JANUARY 2023 UPDATE Dear All, Weller have discontinued the trusty model of a soldering iron I have been using (and recommending!) for the last decade to my students all over the globe. I have been in touch with multiple retail tool stores as well as with the manufacturer themselves and this is what they say: The 40W SP irons are no longer available, but we do have replacements. The 25W … Read More

JANUARY’19 Flower of the Month: CAMELLIA

Welcome to 2019’s new monthly section devoted to the Flower of the Month. In here, taking into account the seasonality and other factors I will be presenting you with some of my best flower making tutorials and tutorial bundles at … the best prices.  For the month of January I have picked out for you the Camellia flower. And, since camellias come in different shapes and sizes TWO Camellia tutorials are awaiting you this month (the offer is valid till 31 January … Read More

How to attach silk flowers to a headband

 There are different ways of attaching your couture silk or leather flowers to a headband.  Here’s one of them that I like using in my work. This way your flower (s) is not permanently attached to a headband, therefore can be taken off at attached to a hat or used in another way.   First, cover the headband with a strip of velvet in the chosen colour (hand dyed or otherwise). Prepare a strip of velvet about twice as wide as the headband (my … Read More

To economise or not on tools and supplies for making flowers? Part II

Not so long ago we started discussing whether a flower making artist can or can not economise on tools and supplies without compromising the quality of a finished piece. Read To economise or not on tools and supplies for making flowers? Part I here. As we saw there was no definite “yes” or “no” answer. Rather, one has to approach and estimate every aspect separately in order to make a decision. Thus, I recommended to try and choose a really good … Read More

How to make flower stamens

Stamens make the heart of an art flower. They draw attention to its core. That’s why it is so important to get the size, the colour, the shape and even the quantity of your stamens right when creating your blooms, whether out of fabric or leather. There are a wide variety of stamens, very realistic as well as stylised ones that are available to purchase. You can check out the current availability in our online shop here. Today, however, we … Read More

Thistle jewellery made of leather and fur

Which thistle corsage do you prefer: s furry fantasy or a more realistic one? Some customers can’t decide and so they order both versions of our leather thistle corsage. These pieces of leather thistle jewellery have been very popular lately so we decided to offer an in-person workshop on the leather and fur variation. Moreover, as a BONUS you will be given additional instructions on how to make and assemble a more realistic version with purple flowers. What you’ll learn in … Read More

To economise or not on tools and supplies for making flowers? Part I

Whether you are relatively new to flower making or you have been creating blooms for a while you know that tools and supplies for making flowers can get rather pricey. In case if you ever wondered whether there is something you could spend less on without compromising the quality of a finished item, this article would be of interest to you. Let’s talk about bare necessities for a flower making artist and find out where it makes sense to save … Read More

Flower Making Tutorial SUBSCRIPTION 2018

For the second year running we are excited to be able to present you with our tutorial Subscription packages. Much like with a magazine subscription here you subscribe to a series of tutorials, and receive a new one into your inbox on the 1 day of every month (or on the 1 day of every alternate month in case of 6 month subscriptions) As last year, there are three types of tutorial packages: ❀ a full 12 month subscription (includes 12 … Read More

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