NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL on Silk Dandelion Clock


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Looking for a fun project to complete during these grey autumn days? Look no further  I am beyond thrilled to present this brand new video tutorial on the Silk Dandelion Clock to you.

video tutorial on silk dandelion clock

Whilst the dandelion clock made of fabric is not an entirely new concept for us, this autumn I am revisiting my original photo tutorial l in order to offer you this new 70 minute video tutorial jam packed with latest tips and tricks to improve your dandelion making skills and speed up the process, too.

With the help of this video tutorial you will be able to create a VERY REALISTIC LOOKING silk dandelion with a semi spherical clock and leaves and then turn it into a compact wearable piece of textile jewellery as well as infinite number of other original pieces with this whimsical botanical.

Feel free to turn your dandelion into a standalone stick pin (as I am showing in the video) or vast number of other original pieces. This Silk Dandelion Clock Pin Video tutorial is aimed at flower artists of all levels, however previous experience in flower making will be really helpful.

Patience, neatness and attention to detail are required.

Whilst I am showing how to shape leaves with a heated millinery tool, this step can be skipped if you haven’t got tools. Instead, use the tips I am offering on hand shaping to finish your dandelion leaves. In case if you wish to purchase the tools to use it for shaping leaves as shown in the video, this indispensable set of extra narrow tools and a medium pad is all you need here.

All the fabrics for making the dandelion need to be stiffened beforehand. In case you have never done it before, please watch this handy video on my blog about fabric stiffening.

Here is the list of supplies you will need:

Silk organza or cotton ograndie

✦ Silk or rayon satin

✦ Satin or crepe fabric for the stem

Lightweight backing fabric or ribbon

✦ Wires #33 and #24

✦ Stranded Cotton in brown or beige

DIY kits for making the Silk Dandelion Clock pin as shown in the video are available upon request and sold separately. You are welcome to browse some specialist prestiffened fabrics in this section of my shop.

You can purchase access to this video tutorial in my Patreon shop. Or, why not join the Flora Fan club and enjoy this as well as other tutorials as part of your membership?


In case you wish to learn how to make a full sphere dandelion clock as well as a silk dandelion flower and arrange them into a different type of a wearable brooch, you are welcome to follow my original PHOTO tutorial on the Silk Dandelion which is available on my website at

silk dandelion clock tutorial cover

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