how to make a fabric poppy collage

How to make a fabric poppy

How to make a fabric poppy Friend? This is a popular search request that regularly brings visitors to my website. And more so now, when poppy flowers are in very much in demand.

 Let us have a look how we, too, can make this so familiar, yet so unique, versatile and different flower.
I have always been charmed by the opulent petals of this beautiful flower. If you have been following PresentPerfect Creations for a while Friend, you can probably remember that I released a tutorial on a beginner no tool fabric poppy very early on in my teaching career.
This simple yet accessible design is still popular and can be found on my wesbite together with a relevant kit.
In case if you do not have a set of tools, dyes, etc this is a flower to try and make Friend. Right now with the purchase of the kit you get the poppy corsage tutorial FREE OF CHARGE.
As part of my live video demonstration schedule, I presented an online demonstration on very popular wild velvet poppies.  These velvet red velvet poppy brooch beauties are compact and rather robust thanks to the choice of materials which means they are so very wearable. The detailed centre adds extra realism to this stunning bloom.
Needless to say these poppies can be made in a variety of coours. Think white, purple, black as well as other colours for yours. This simple yet impactful flower brooch remains one of the most popular in my shop.
If you missed this live demonstration Friend, do not worry as the full recording of this demo is now available for you on my website.
To learn more about this demonstration use the button below.
As you might already know, this year I have offered a new subscription service to all my flower making artists, which is called Flora Fan Creative Club and hosted on Patreon.
icelandic poppy centres For a very reasonable monthly fee right now you can get a number of benefits, the main ones include:
❀ Monthly Live Online Demonstration from the month of joining onwards (the next one on Roses is in June 2023)
❀ Members Discounts on my FLOWER TUTORIALS and COURSES
❀ Exclusive mini tutos
and more.
One of the exclusive mini tutorials that are only available to the member of the club is devoted to creating delicate flower centres suitable for Icelandic (and other) poppies as shown above. You will also find a template for icelandic poppies in the Flora Fan club.
To learn more about the club, the benefits and how to join it use the button below

make your flowers quicker

If case you are ready for a real challenge Friend, I encourage you to make a large blousy oriental type poppy with me.
This poppy is part of my advanced OVERSIZED BLOOMS video course launched several months ago and is the most advanced poppy flower to date. It is perfect for hat trims as well as flower headpieces and headbands.

 Apart from this mind blowing poppy the course included 2 more breath taking large flowers, a rose and a peony.

To watch the introductory video for this course use the button below

In case if you are lucky enough to already own some of these tutorials but somehow you have not come round to actually making any poppies yet Friend now is the time!
red organza poppies close

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