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Stylised Fabric Feathers video tutorial


Original VIDEO TUTORIAL on Stylised Fabric Feathers / Leaves

versatile application for different fabrics

❀ Suitable for beginners with tools

❀ 30+ minutes of video tuition on demand

❀ flower shaping tools required (see Essential Leaf Shaping Set)

NB: this video tutorial is free for the members of my Flora Fan Club subscription. Feel free to join the club here https://www.patreon.com/presentperfect_creations



Due to popular demand I am happy to offer this original video tutorial on making and shaping stylised fabric feathers for your projects.

Learn how to turn a flat piece of fabric into a … dancing swirly stylised feather. Eco feathers? Some can call them that. But they are so much more.

Play with colours, fabrics, sizes etc. to create unique elements for your designs. Fabric feathers are a versatile, easily customisable element perfect for decorating your hats and headpieces.

These stylised feathers are great for those customers who are stylised yellow fabric feathersnot fans of floral trims or prefer to avoid having real feathers on their headpieces. Add gradation, use similar or completely different colours to create these unique eco feathers that are perfect (and original!) for hat trims.

The Stylised Feathers video tutorial is aimed at flower artists of all levels with a set of flower shaping tools. In case if you wish to use the tools I am demonstating in the tutorial, I highly recommend this Essential Leaf Shaping Set of 2 


What you will learn in this tutorial

🌸 how to chooose your fabrics

🌸 how to stiffen fabrics

🌸 how to shape feathers

🌸 tips to achieve fluid dancing shapes

Level: enthusiastic beginner (requires neatness and precision, previous experience helpful but not required)



After you have left a review on this tutorial, you will receive a BONUS sheet with additional templates of stylised feathers. All of these templates have been developed by me and used countless times. 



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