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Delicate silk camellias for a special occasion

Sometimes camellia is called a rose with no scent. Unfortunately once cut these beautiful flowers do not keep and can hardly be used in bouquets or arrangements. I have created these delicate pink silk camellias so you can enjoy camellia at any time of the year. Pink camellia rose corsage makes a perfect addition to a wedding guest’s outfit. Unlike a corsage with real flower that can wilt before the end of the day, silk camellias will stay intact and become a great keepsake too! Besides thanks to the fact that the whole silk rose corsage is painted by hand it can be made in the colour scheme of your big day. The flowers and the leaves are wired and can be slightly adjusted.

❀ original PresentPerfect Creations studio design

❀ perfect for a spring wedding or another special occasion

❀ great Mother’s Day gift

❀ hand crafted from scratch using advanced techniques

❀ hand painted fine fabrics of several kinds

❀ about 15 cm long by 12 cm wide

❀ finished with a brooch pin for easy attachment

❀ ready to ship

❀ can be made to order in the colours of your choice



Additional information

Weight 400 g


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