The petals are ready to be shaped.
As denim is quite a dense fabric, please be prepared to apply a bit of pressure when shaping it with a flower iron.

It is a common practice to slightly moisten flower petals (and especially rose ones!) just before shaping. This helps avoiding unnecessary pleats or creases of the fabric when we are forcing it from 2 into 3 dimensional form. The trick is not to overdo, otherwise the hot tip of the flower iron will stick to petals. Simply place petals onto a moistened cloth (it should be wrung really well to get rid of extra water) and press them with your fingertips one-two times. Again, with denim you might need to do it 2-3 time as it is so much thicker than silk.

The second part of the video shows how to form a rose heart using some cotton wool. Sometimes you can get hold or polystyrene cones that work as a rose centre. But if you are patient enough to master making cotton wool cones you can then crate roses of any size without a problem.

Please watch the video below and prepare the rose petals and the rose heart.


Have fun watching the day 3 video and we’ll talk tomorrow!





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