leather cornflower shoe clips
Leather cornflower shoe clips
Leather cornflower shoe clips

These leather cornflower shoe clips are part of the Awakening Collection 2017. Transform plain peep-toes or court shoes with these hand crafted leather cornflower shoe brooches and make them match your dress or, perhaps, your mood. The leather cornflower flower shoe brooches will look their best on plaint coloured leather shoes but can be used to decorate any pair of your choice. ❀ original PresentPerfect Creations studio design ❀ hand crafted from scratch using fine leather ❀ perfect as a 3rd wedding … Read More

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leather gardenia kit
DIY leather Kit for making Leather Gardenia Shoe Clips

SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS and IMPROVERS To be able to make the Leather Gardenia Shoe Clips in the comfort of your own home or studio you must purchase this DIY leather kit together with the LEATHER GARDENIA SHOE CLIPS TUTORIAL. The leather gardenia kit contains all the necessary materials. It DOES NOT contain any tools, glue or dyes. Here is the list of what you will receive with your Leather Gardenia kit: This is exactly what you are getting: ❀ 10 … Read More

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