Now it is time to assemble the rose flower.
This rose is not complicated, it only has got 14 petals. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though.

The first one is to keep the flower closed when assembling. It is meant to be a rosebud and it should look like one. If you like it to be fuller, you are welcome to prepare some extra petals and attach them after we have assembled the main flower to create a more open rose.

The other thing is to keep an eye on the height of petals as you go along. If you have a look at a real rosebud you will notice that the very middle of it is slightly recessed which means that every row of petals is slightly raised above the previous row. We are talking about 1 mm or less difference in height. But if the next row of petals is glued below the previous row of petals the rosebud would not look right.

Please watch the video below and assemble your first rosebud.


Have fun watching the day 4 video and we’ll talk tomorrow.

And hey! Congratulations on mastering a fabric rosebud. You did it! ☺





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