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DIY Material Kit for making Velvet Lilies Headpiece


❀ DIY kit only,
Tutorial not included

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To be able to make the Velvet Lilies Headband  in the comfort of your own home or studio you must purchase this DIY velvet lily kit together with the photo tutorial on the Velvet Lily Headpiece .
The velvet lily kit contains all the necessary materials. It DOES NOT contain any tools, glue or silk dyes.

This kit comes in several colourways: white (for dyeing in the colours you want) or black+silver (for a black lily headpiece)

Here is the list of what you will receive with the velvet lily kit:

❀ Rayon Satin*

❀ Rayon (or cotton) Velvet*

❀ Rayon Backing Fabric *

❀ Pearl (or silver) Lame Backing Fabric*

❀ #28 wire

❀ #26 wires

❀ stamens

❀ cotton wool

❀ golden ( or silver) ribbon

❀ headband


* All the fabrics are prestiffened and ready to use

With the help of this diy material kit you can make one Velvet Lily Headpiece as per Velvet Lily  Headpiece Tutorial.


Should you have any queries or questions please contact us before placing an order at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com

~ We ship worldwide ~




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Weight 100 g



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