Leaves always make a perfect setting for fabric flowers whether it is a bouquet or a wearable accessory.

After we have assembled the rosebud our next task is to complete the rose leaves. There are several jobs here:

  • backing with thin lining silk
  • shaping with a flower iron
  • assembling into branches

The European technique of making fabric flowers does not suggest any backing of leaves. This idea comes from Japan and I am loving it. Never would I dream of leaving my leaves without backing them with a layer of thin fabric (or thick as the case maybe). And for several reasons: durability, better shaping, wire protection.


I am showing the principle of how to arrange leaves into a branch by wrapping them with a strip of silk. The number of leaves on them is entirely up to you.

Please watch the video below and assemble your rose leaves into branches.


Have fun watching the day 5 video and we’ll talk tomorrow.

Not long to go ☺





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