Hurrah Hurray!

We have reached the 6th day of My First Fabric Rose Tutorial and today we are going to assemble the flower and leaves into a finished corsage.

Also I will show how to attach the calyx to the rosebud. If you have never tried working with this sort of calyx when assembling roses, I am sure you will learn a lot of new tricks. Such calyx allows us to create very realistic roses for the projects that require that. Even this denim rose looks much more like a rose with a realistic calyx.

A corsage like this one can be worn attached with safety pins. Alternatively, in the bonus part to this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to attach a brooch pin to a corsage.

Please watch the video below and assemble your rose corsage.


Have fun watching the day 6 video and we’ll talk tomorrow.

By the way, congratulations on your new rose corsage! ☺





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