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VIRTUAL LIVE workshops


❀ due to the nature of this format previous experience in flower making is required for booking an online live class.

In case if you are a beginner, feel free to get in touch with me for a list of recommended tutorials with which you can start getting to know flower making techniques and processes


Now taking bookings for individual and small group*** VIRTUAL LIVE workshops

with Svetlana Faulkner, the designer/maker behind PresentPerfect Creations

Along with the range of photo and video tutorials PresentPerfect Creations offer an opportunity to book VIRTUAL LIVE flower making workshops with Svetlana Faulkner, the designer/maker behind PresentPerfect Creations for a day on a flower of your choice.
ONLINE flower making classes take place online in a Zoom classroom over a 2 or 3 days due to the nature of the process (total video workshops time about 8 hours in total). Come and learn to create a wide range of stunning flowers from silk flower brooches to bridal hairpieces to millinery flowers.


Consider an VIRTUAL LIVE workshop especially if you

❀ would like to learn how to create handmade flowers with the help of a tutor but can not travel right now

❀ have a special request for a flower not represented in our tutorials and courses

❀ prefer a workshop on a number of different flower making techniques instead of a particular flower

❀ choose a complicated and time consuming design 


***small groups of up to 5 students

Before placing an order for an VIRTUAL LIVE flower making workshop please contact us at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com to agree the date and the flower that you would like to create.


DIY kits for workshops can be available at extra cost.

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***Cancellation policy: 

For bookings made less than a week before the date of the class the total fee is payable upon booking.

if the booking is cancelled within a week of the class date the deposit fee will be forfeit.


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