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One day group flower making classes


❀ price per person

❀ small groups up to 3 people


Now taking bookings for one day group flower making classes with Svetlana Faulkner, the designer/maker behind PresentPerfect Creations

Along with the range of photo and video tutorials PresentPerfect Creations offer an opportunity to book group flower making classes with Svetlana Faulkner, the designer/maker behind PresentPerfect Creations for a day on a flower of your choice.
Fabric or leather flower making classes take place in the fine English city of Norwich (https://www.visitnorwich.co.uk/ ), where Svetlana lives and creates her flower pieces. Come and learn to create a wide range of stunning flowers from flower brooches to bridal hairpieces to millinery flowers.

Before placing an order for a one day flower making workshop please contact us at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com to agree the date and the flower that you would like to create.

Price is PER PERSON and includes all the required materials and supplies as well as  tea/coffee and a light lunch.

Millinery tools are available for students to use, but you are encouraged to bring your own flower iron and a set of tools if you have them.

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***Cancellation policy: 

For bookings made less than a week before the date of the class the total fee is payable upon booking.

if the booking is cancelled within a week of the class date the deposit fee will be forfeit.



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