Fantasy fabric flowers

Last time I was talking about how realistic silk roses can be. The pictures I shared showed the variety of form and colour one can achieve when making them. In this respect painting silk by hand comes in handy by allowing for the gradation of colour, which mimics flowers in the wild.
But who said that we have to be restricted by any limits and only create realistic flowers? No one.
Depending upon the project I often require a fantasy flower to complete it. For my fantasy flowers I frequently use  precoloured fabrics such as the gorgeous Indian dupioni with its soft sheen, or satin silk, viscose velvet etc. I stiffen the chosen fabrics as I do the white ones (see one of the ways to do it described in my post here) and then use them to create fantasy blooms that can only be limited by the imagination.
Thus,  for making black flowers I believe it is easier and better to simply use black silks rather then dye them by hand as it is almost impossible to achieve a really intense rich black colour. 

Birdcage veil with a black rose

 I use lace, beads, feathers, freshwater pearls and other components to decorate my fantasy flowers and make them look more striking and spectacular.

Black orchid corsage

For this large rose I used soft satin in golden sand colour which makes it a perfect accessory to go with any earthy-toned clothing, such as browns, yellows, oranges, yellowish green and ecru.

Golden satin rose

Unlike the warm golden rose this one is created using silvery coloured silk and is set amidst hand painted double organza leaves in mauve and grey hues. The organza I used is enriched with a silver lame thread.
Bridal rose hairpiece

For wedding floral pieces sometimes it is best to use pure white, cream or ivory silks. By combining fabrics with different textures I add interest and volume to these flowers.

Bridal peony veil on a comb

Natural silks, lace, beads, ivory freshwater pearls… What can be more bridal? 🙂

White rose halo

Should you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to share them in the comments below. I really appreciate your feedback.

Glam and curvy

Decadent Black Silk Orchid

I have been lucky recently. My freind from Moscow visited us with her boyfriend and I finally had a chance to make some pictures of my flowers and hair accessories in particular on a real model! Despite the lack of time and a pretty crappy camera we are both pleased with the result. I will be sharing some of the selected pictures here, so keep your eyes peeled ☺


Black SIlk Orchid
Black SIlk Orchid

My beautiful friend Alevtina is wearing a corset  fantasy black orchid on a string of black pearls. The orchid is made of several kinds of  silk and embellished with ostrich feathers and seed and bugle beeds. This flower can be made in other colours and in white it is perfect for weddings.

Hope you like the little pic and the outfit 🙂
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