Cybermonday and more

Black Friday is over and I do hope that you have been lucky enough to get some great deals on Christmas pressies for yourselves and your loved ones. If not, I have an attractive offer for you: place an order for a ready-to-ship accessory in my shop till 2 December 2014 and purchase it with a 15% discount. Hand crafted accessories make a lovely present for  for romantic individuals who appreciate unique craftsmanship, originality and quality.

miniature hat1
Miniature leather hat brooch

To get your discount please use cybermonday15 coupon code on checkout.

Another exciting news is that PresentPerfectCreations Studio’s very own website is up and running…finally! Please not that the offer is valid for my website shop and not Etsy. I will do my best to ensure that me website offers the most competitive prices on my pieces. Any comments on my website will be highly appreciated. See you all at

IMG_2296 (800x689)
Silver and golden butterfly decorations

Free delivery on Cyber Monday!

Finally Cyber Monday 2013 is upon us. The term itself is very new and was coined only in 2005. But since then this day has become a part of our pre-Christmas shopping offering online deals, discounts and all sorts of promotions.
As announced before this year we are happy to offer a FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY on all ready-to-ship accessories at our online SHOP.

It is a great opportunity to get a fab gift for yourself or your loved ones and save on shipping fees!

Happy browsing at OUR SHOP!


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