Butterflies for a wedding hairdo

Recently I accepted a custom order for a set of 5 silk butterflies to decorate a bridal hairdo.

The bride-to-be has taken her inspiration from this Pinterest photo and wanted a similar hair style. .

As her dress is black she opted for bright white butterflies with pearl bodies and no antennae. I must admit these were the first butterflies I have ever created without the antennae, but I can understand why: 5 butterflies will need a lot of space to land!

Today the butterflies have been finished and now they are all ready for their flight across the pond to the faraway city of LA.

A set of bridal butterflies

As with all my butterflies these ones have been created from scratch using finest materials and beads. The butterflies are customisable in terms of shape, size, colour etc so if you are having a butterfly theme to your wedding or a child’s birthday party I will be more than happy to help you choose the right ones for your occasion.

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For those who are brave enough to try and make similar butterflies themselves I can offer my detailed photo tutorial in .pdf which can be purchased from the Tutorials e-store . A pleasant bonus tutorial on how to shape a butterfly with millinery tools is awaiting my blog subscribers. If you wish to learn to make dragoflies as well make sure to check out a recording of my live demonstration on Butterflies and Dragonflies here. 


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