1 year later: how to measure my progress?

I made my first ever flower about a year ago. In fact it was not even a pure silk flower as I started with a so-called “soft technique” which presupposes the use of polyester fabrics with a completely different set of qualities. That first rose seemed to be so beautiful and wonderful at the time and I was very proud of it. But now I would like to talk about poppies, by far my best-seller and a very popular flower here and back in Russia. So let’s compare my first poppy made of stretch satin (polyester) and my last poppy made of pure silk and cotton velvet to see how much progress can be made in a year.
Here is my first attempt, which again looked perfect at the time and  I wore it with pride:

And this is my last one, hand painted silk and velvet + a bit of fairy dust ☺:

So which one do you like most? Or maybe you like both? They are very different after all…