Leather and suede flowers

As I have mentioned before the techniques similar to the ones I use for silk flowers can be used for genuine leather and suede in order to make floral accessories. Although there are some specifics when working with leather I use the same set of tools to shape leather petals and leaves. 
I must say that leather being such a rich and luxurious material requires less work done to it to make an accessory when compared to using silk. In my experiments I have tried both leather and suede and as any natural material they proved to be great to work with.
I would like to share several of my latest leather accessories with you.
This fantasy cornflower brooch is made of intense blue leather and decorated with faceted glass beads.

The fantasy camellia in rich berry colour is made of both suede (the petals) and leather (the leaves). It is finished with a brooch base. The corsage is available from my Etsy shop. Not only great for a jacket or coat lapel this handmade fantasy camellia brooch is perfect to decorate your belt, handbag or hat. It makes a great gift too, especially for the forthcoming Mother’s Day.
The aster brooch is similarly created with genuine suede for the petals and leather for the leaves. This corsage in grey blue colour with navy blue leather leaves is a perfect accessory to go with denim clothes this coming spring/summer season. I can also see it complementing floaty cotton dresses 😉

Alternatively it can decorate your jacket, belt or a handbag. And again you can consider it a nice gift to your Mum or a friend. This fantasy aster brooch is available here.

I would be pleased to hear your comments on these leather accessories or ideas of how to incorporate them into our outfits this coming season.

Thanks for your time!

P.S. In this post here I am sharing some tips on stiffening leather for making leather flowers. Hopefully you will find it useful

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  1. Inna Rothschild
    | Reply

    Василек и камелия потрясающи!!!
    Я тоже недавно кожу попробовала – понравилось, теперь экспериментирую 🙂

  2. PresentPerfectCreations
    | Reply

    Инна, спасибо за положительный комментарий! Да, с кожей работается интересно и по-иному, чем с шелком. Мне очень нравятся клатчи из кожи и замши, декорированные кожаными и замшевыми цветами. Надеюсь, что у меня как-нибудь дойдут руки до такого более сложного проекта )))
    А Вы свои цветы в виде чего делаете? Броши? Заколки?

  3. Inna Rothschild
    | Reply

    Я всего несколько месяцев занимаюсь цветоделием, и пока еще пробую все возможности: делаю броши, заколки, интерьерные цветы… Всё идет на подарки 🙂
    Идея клатчей, декорированных цветами, потрясающа и тоже хочу попробовать воплотить ее. Не знаю получится ли, но попробовать стоит. На данный момент изучаю как это сделать возможным.
    Заглядывайте в мой блог, надеюсь Вам у меня тоже понравится 🙂

  4. PresentPerfectCreations
    | Reply

    Спасибо за приглашение, я уже у Вас покомментила ))) У Вас оживленно как, хорошо! Обязательно буду заглядывать!

  5. Robin MacKillop
    | Reply

    Beautiful work!
    Quick question about your process, do you stiffen the leather with PVA or gelatin and use heated tools on them? Or do you use hot water and let the petals set? I’ve seen a few tutorials and it looks like all they use is water but that doesn’t seem as durable to me. I make silk flowers myself and I’d love to start working with leather.
    Great work and great blog!

  6. PresentPerfectCreations
    | Reply

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for you nice words. I do stiffen the leather with PVA and use flower iron to shape the petals. Otherwise flowers won’t hold their shape. Good luck with your experiments! 🙂

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