denim lily of the valley brooch
Denim Lily of the Valley flower brooch
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denim flower boutonniere
denim flower boutonniere detail
Denim Flower Boutonniere


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pink linen hydrangea flower brooch
pink linen hydrangea detail
Linen hydrangea flower brooch

This stylised linen hydrangea flower brooch makes an unusual and fun piece to wear. Despite the stylisation the hydrangea flowers look rather realistic as well as elegant. Beaded centres add a soft twinkle to the middles of the flowers. The fabric hydrangea brooch is your first choice if you are in search of a gift for someone who loves the simple beauty of the hydrangea flower. The pink linen hydrangea brooch can be dressed up or down depending on your … Read More

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denim bluebells flower brooch
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new denim wedding buttonhole
new denim wedding buttonhole
Denim Wedding Buttonhole

Denim wedding buttonhole is ideal for a denim themed wedding This denim wedding buttonhole is our take on a classic grooms boutonniere with a rose bud and hydrangea flowers. Only I created it using two shades of denim which makes it ideal for decorating a grooms lapel at a denim themed wedding. UNLIKE a buttonhole with real flowers the denim wedding buttonhole will never wilt. It makes a great keepsake of your important day too! ❀ original PresentPerfect Creations studio … Read More

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denim hydrangea brooch
denim hydrangea brooch detail
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