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Glue for making flowers

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To make your job easier and results more predictable are happy to offer professional glue for making flowers (limited quantity).

The glue comes in 2 varieties (HARD and SOFT) and is suitable for both leather and fabric.

The HARD variety is a really thick tacky glue that sets really quickly allowing you to assemble large multipetal flowers like roses, peonies in particular as well as all others. Dries clear. Incredibly strong and hard. Forget about using your hot glue gun and switch onto this reliable easy to use, non-toxic professional glue.


The SOFT variety has a more liquid consistency which is ideal for all the backing jobs you do when making flowers. This glue does not dry as fast allowing you to use the properties of it and shape your backed leaves and petals to perfection.

For best results a flower maker should use both of these types when making flowers.

These 2 types of glue have been used in all of our flower making tutorials.

The offer is limited, so if you would like to try these glues for making flowers please order now.

Can be back ordered.

Product of Japan

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Should you have any questions regarding these 2 types of glue for making flowers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com

~ We ship worldwide ~

The flower glue can be preordered.

If you are interested in ordering the glue please get in touch by sending a message at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com


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