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Secret Santa gift exchange

This year first time ever I am taking part in Secret Santa gift exchange. To add more excitement to it the exchange allows only hand crafted presents! Over 40 artists across Europe are participating. I have prepared a gift for a girl from Estonia. We did state our preferences in terms of colour, type of craft or item we would prefer to receive. My addressee was very easy going and said that she would be pleased to get any nice handmade gift.
It goes without saying that I have whizzed a flower piece for her. Here is a sneaky peek into my Secret Santa project.

velvet pansies 3 (1280x976)


Obviously as it is a secret I can not reveal it just yet, but I am sure you will be able to guess the flowers I have made for it. I have used velvet, that I’d painted by hand and doubled with very thin silk.


velvet pansies2 (1280x939)

I have posted it today and after the addressee has received and announced it I will be able to reveal the whole piece to you.
I could have stopped my post right here if not one little thing: the postman has just delivered my gift from Secret Santa! And you won’t believe it, it is from the same girl that I have made a gift for! It is by some incredible coincidence that out of 40+ people we have chosen each other for this gift exchange 🙂 So much more exciting!
Well, I will be a nice girl and not open mine until Christmas.

P.S. In case you wonder I did include some nice chocolates together with my flower piece. Christmas should me magical and sweet! ♥ ♥ ♥

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