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How I choose leather for making flowers

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As I’ve always said cold months is that period of the year when leather flowers outshine fabric ones. Amonsgt other reasons I would mention at least the following two:

❀ leather is a more durable material and flowers made of leather are more weather-resistant than silk ones

❀ leather and suede flowers nicely complement winter wardrobe pieces made of thick warm fabrics and wool, accentuate hats, bags and boots.



At the moment I am working on a new tutorial which will be released later this week. As the tutorial is on a leather flower, I thought I’d share some useful tips on how I choose leather for making flowers.

In order to create leather blooms we use only genuine leather or suede. No synthetic substitutes can withstand the heat of a flower iron when flowers are being shaped.

It is best to work with decent quality materials. This way you will enjoy the process of creation and the final piece will show class. Leather comes in grades. There are 3 primary grades, the smaller the number the higher the quality. Because petals and leaves are relatively small compared to, say, garment parts, we  do not have to use Grade 1 leather skins, Grade 2 will do just as fine.

For leather or suede flowers only thin and soft skins are recommended. The best thickness is 0.5-0.8 mm, but you can use skins up to 1 mm thick. Ideally look for goat and lambskins that are suitable foe clothing or glove making (gloving leather). Sometimes I use pig suede. Although it is a bit on a thicker side and can be uneven, the wide range of rich colours it comes in makes it difficult to resist.

Leather and suede have different finishes. This variety of finishes is used to enhance the natural beauty of leather. The most common ones are aniline, pigmented, patent, metallic, oily, waxy, suede and nubuck. Leathers with different finishes will behave differently when stiffened and shaped to be turned into a flower piece.

Unlike silk leather is much less predictable. That is why it is virtually impossible to recreate a leather flower again. It will be different and for me that is the advantage of working with leather. Creating leather flowers is always a journey into the unknown. No need to worry, the outcome is always uniquely beautiful.

rolls of leather

The release date of the new tutorial as well as a special offer for the readers of my blog I will announce later in a separate e-mail. Keep your eyes peeled 🙂



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We also offer individual workshops on leather flowers, so if you are interested please click through for more information.


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