thistle jewellery

Thistle jewellery made of leather and fur

fur leather thistle corsage

Which thistle corsage do you prefer: s furry fantasy or a more realistic one? Some customers can’t decide and so they order both versions of our leather thistle corsage.

These pieces of leather thistle jewellery have been very popular lately so we decided to offer an in-person workshop on the leather and fur variation. Moreover, as a BONUS you will be given additional instructions on how to make and assemble a more realistic version with purple flowers.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

❀ making the stiffening solution for leather flowers

❀ stiffening and shaping leaves by hand

❀ stiffening leather flat

❀ shaping parts of flowers with millinery tools

❀ assembling flowers in different sizes

❀ arranging foliage for the design

❀ assembling all the elements together into a wearable corsage


To book your space at the Leather and Fur Corsage Workshop please visit our Workshop page.

To order your leather thistle corsage in either variation please visit our online shop.


leather thistle jewellery


2 Responses

  1. Jeannie Clark
    | Reply

    Really not happy to see fur used

    • Svetlana Faulkner
      Svetlana Faulkner
      | Reply

      Appreciate your concern. The fur used has been taken from a mink coat that’s been in my family for decades. I grew up in the North Pole, where at temperatures below -40C fur is a utilitarian necessity not a fashion statement.

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