Butterfly decor

Hand painted pure silk butterflies

I know everybody’s thoughts are about spring and summer these days especially with wall-to-wall sunshine outside. But some of us do like to plan ahead. So instead of thinking about Easter preparations one of my customers is busy planning her next Christmas tree design! Surfing the Internet she came across a picture of a tree all covered with butterflies and got so inspired that wanted the same. Unusual as it is, I received this order for 10 different sample butterflies a couple of weeks ago. Here are the butterflies, which are going to decorate a fir tree next Christmas. 

Designer butterflies

Outside Christmas celebrations these lovely creatures will be used as hair clips for my customer’s young daughter.

Velvet Butterflies

I personally see them as a sweet touch to a wedding theme. And how would you use such butterflies? Any fresh ideas?

Double silk organza butterflies