combination flower shaping tool

Flower shaping tools, part 7: COMBINATION FLOWER SHAPING TOOL

For 2019 I have planned a series of short videos demonstrating how to works with different types of flower tools.
I believe this will help you understand your tools better and use them to their full potential achieving great shapes and lines on your petals and leaves.

This is the seventh video in the series, for which I have chosen the newest addition to the flower shaping toolbox: the combination flower shaping tool.

You can successfully use the combination tool for shaping flower parts made out of different types of fabrics as well as natural leather.

So whether you make fabric or leather flowers (or both!) this tool is perfect for you.
Basically the combination tool represents a combination of 2 tools: the knife tool and the medium sized Japanese style cat paw tool put together (hence the name).
Although you may wish to try and use the above mentioned tools separately to achieve the desired effect, it might not work as well as using the actual combination tool.
Due to its extra width the tool brings extra volume and instant shaping to large and small petals (think roses, peonies, poppies etc) and leaves (especially water lily and lotus pads, but also large poppy and rose leaves as well as others).Work with it on medium pads for best results.
Using this tool you can enhance the shaping of other tools, deepen concave petals, curl up foliage and add interest to flower parts in seconds as I am demonstrating in the video.
We have used the combination tool countless times at my workshops as well as in several tutorials on both leather and fabric flowers (Leather Butterfly tutorial, Leather Daisy and Forget-me-nots tutorial, Silk Water lily tutorial).
Currently the combination tool can be purchased separately from my online shop. So whatever set you have at the moment you can enhance it with the addition of this wonderful tool in time for your new creations.  

Meanwhile watch the video I have prepared for you today (see the button below) where I am demonstrating how to use this cool tool with petals and leaves, and (hopefully) discover something new for yourself.

combination flower shaping tool
Combination flower shaping tool

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