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Taster Fabric Dragonfly kit special edition


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online event on handmade butterflies and dragonflies This special edition Taster Fabric Dragonfly kit has been specifically designed to go with the Handmade Butterflies and Dragonflies Demonstration and Talk.

Although this fabric taster kit is optional, the fabrics provided are perfect for making stunning dragonfly (as well as butterfly) wings in a variety of finishes and colours.

fabric dragonfly kit

The Dragonfly Fabric Taster DIY kit includes the following selection:
❀ Metallic Satin in pearl
❀ Medium weight metallic fabric in pearl
❀ Medium weight metallic fabric in pearl stripe
❀ Lightweight metallic fabric in pearl
❀ Extra shiny rayon satin
❀ Lightweight backing fabric
❀  thin rayon ribbon
❀ #28 gauge wires

❀ pins in silver and gold (for dragonfly’s eyes)

All the fabrics are factory stiffened and measure about 18 cm by 20 cm each, which is enough to make a number of dragonflies and butterflies, the final quantity depending on the size of wings you choose.

These fabrics can be used as is in pearl or they can be further dyed in other colours to provide even greater likeness with real dragonfly wings.
If you prefer, you can buy these fabrics individually.


Limited quantity available

The pictured dragonfly is designer’s own and not included.

Should you have any queries or questions before buying this DIY kit please contact us before placing an order at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com



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