mix viva magenta colour

Let’s mix Viva Magenta, Colour of the Year 2023

How can we mix Viva Magenta, colour of the year 2023?

viva magenta colour
Silk Rose Chokers in Viva Magenta


Pantone’s Colour of the Year has been going for 24 years, influencing products across fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design.
For 2023 Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta, a nuanced crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.
Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, it is assertive yet not aggressive.
It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family, Viva Magenta is a perfect colour for many flowers and since we are going to live with it for the whole of the year 2023, I thought it would be helpful if I shared my ideas on how to mix Viva Magenta colour using Procion MX dyes for fabrics.


How I have mixed Viva Magenta using Procion MX dyes by Jacquard and Colourcraft


Please feel free to share your questions, ideas and successes in mixing Viva Magenta colour in the comments below this blog post.


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New year – new tools!

I am always on the lookout for new ideas in the world of fabric flowers. This include different technology, tools, materials, ways of presenting the work.
At the end of last year I decided to be generous and get a silk floristry related gift for myself. I simply could not resist these gorgeous Japanese brushes!

They come in different widths for colouring different elements, from tiny flower petals to large stretches of fabric. I have tried them last week and can confirm that they an absolute wonder to work with! The main benefit is that they retain the liquid dye in the hairs and then release it evenly on the fabric. And they do not roll of the palette too ☺

Can’t wait to experiment more with my new brushes. Along with this set I have got some other tools, of which I will tell later.