A strawberry plant

I know it is still winter and we are actually about to enter a cold spell after all that mild weather of last months but my fabric strawberry plant is ready and growing from a tiny Long Tom terracotta pot. Yes, you have guessed right and I did finish my berry project.
Here how it look

I think it is rather sweet 🙂
But I have in mind another idea on how to use it to make it wearable. Or ever 2 ideas. the original one was to make a little brooch/corsage with it which I still might attempt one day. But before that I would like to make a headband decorated with leaves and strawberries. I think it will really look cool. So keep your eyes peeled to this page folks ☺

Fabric strawberries

Textile is a very versatile and pliable material and since there so many different varieties of textile one can say that there’s got to be a fabric for any job imaginable. When we make flowers we choose nice lightweight and medium silk fabrics, shiny or matt, sometimes almost transparent depending on the flower we are creating.
But what if we want to make a … strawberry? What fabric to use to make the work look nice and the process easy and smooth? Probably something relatively thick? Like velvet?
This is what came out of my fabric berry experimenting:

Materials: Japanese velvet, Japanese melton, satin, Japanese lining silk.
P.S. Whatever you see in the picture is a small unfinished interior arrangement. But I think that a little brooch with strawberries would look really cute!
How would you make use of these juicy berries?