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Denim butterfly hairpiece



Unusual, isn’t it? A denim butterfly. But with denim wedding theme growing popular it is only natural to create one of my designer butterflies in denim. The butterfly piece can be dressed up or down depending on yourmood, outfit or occasion. It goes without saying that the butterfly accessory complements your favourite denim clothes. Yet the denim butterfly is ideal for completing your look if you are invited to a denim-themes wedding or a themed party. Great for a photo shoot too.

❀ original PresentPerfect Creations studio design

❀ hand crafted from scratch using advanced techniques

❀ natural materials used (cotton denim, pure silk)

❀ decorated with seed beads

❀ perfect for a denim wedding, special occasion or a photo shoot

❀ the butterfly measures about 14 cm without the antennae

❀ ready to ship, just choose your finish

❀ can be made to order in other sizes


Additional information

Weight 400 g

Hair comb, Headband