Bridal hat with a gorgeous silk rose and a birdcage veil

When I finished assembling this rose I immediately thought of it as a millinery flower. Called Bride it is a gorgeous large silk rose of nearly 70 petals and is indeed meant for weddings.I had the hat idea in my mind as well, I just needed some time to get hold of all the necessary supplies to start creating. And the supply list is rather extensive: sinamay base, viscose velvet, hat elastic, crin, coque feathers, dupioni leaves, birdcage veil with spots … Read More

A strawberry plant

I know it is still winter and we are actually about to enter a cold spell after all that mild weather of last months but my fabric strawberry plant is ready and growing from a tiny Long Tom terracotta pot. Yes, you have guessed right and I did finish my berry project.Here how it look I think it is rather sweet 🙂 But I have in mind another idea on how to use it to make it wearable. Or ever 2 … Read More

Fabric strawberries

Textile is a very versatile and pliable material and since there so many different varieties of textile one can say that there’s got to be a fabric for any job imaginable. When we make flowers we choose nice lightweight and medium silk fabrics, shiny or matt, sometimes almost transparent depending on the flower we are creating.But what if we want to make a … strawberry? What fabric to use to make the work look nice and the process easy and smooth? … Read More

What about a leather flower?

I purchased some differently coloured leather pieces back in November and could not find time to turn them into flowers. Finally time has been chosen and last week I tried my luck in creating my first real leather flower. It is a cross breed between a rose and a camellia. Well I think it is a rose but my husband said it looked more like a camellia. It is made of greyish beige genuine leather including a pair of leaves. For the leaves … Read More

A large tea-coloured rose

I must say as an artist I am attracted not so much by the colour but more so by the shape in silk flower making. I salivate at the perspective of learning how to make a new type of flower whether it be a humble lilly-of-the-valley, hydrangeas, fuchsias, plumerias, a grape leaf  or a twig of a fur-tree. All of them sound equally attractive. Of course one must not forget roses. Firstly, people seem to be fascinated by this flower which makes … Read More

Roses, roses, roses

Rose is the queen of the flower world or so it seems. And although I personally like a lot of rather different flowers it is very difficult to resist the fascination the rose possesses. Especially if it has a nice flower shape. Especially if it has a scent. Especially if it has a historic charm about it. This is all true about the Old English rose as it has it all: great shape, smell, heritage and diversity.Here is the English … Read More

1 year later: how to measure my progress?

I made my first ever flower about a year ago. In fact it was not even a pure silk flower as I started with a so-called “soft technique” which presupposes the use of polyester fabrics with a completely different set of qualities. That first rose seemed to be so beautiful and wonderful at the time and I was very proud of it. But now I would like to talk about poppies, by far my best-seller and a very popular flower … Read More

Preparing for Christmas. Not long to go

Now only lazy can ignore all the preparations for the coming Christmas: decorated shops, Chrtistmas cards everywhere, butchers taking order for Christmas turkeys etc. Despite Remembrance poppies,a couple of craft fairs and some orders I need to work on Christmas designs have not been forgotten. So far I have tried two iconic Christmas plants which are holly and poinsettia. And yes there is a way of making fur trees out of velvet but I am not just sure I will … Read More

Remembrance poppies

Welcome to November 🙂 And as we all know in 10 days, on 11th November, Britain and other countries of Europe and Commonwealth are observing Remembrance Day, which is also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day.  Remembrance Day is observed to remember those who died as a result of World War I. The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day. Red poppies are worn on blazers, shirts, jumpers and other items of clothing on Remembrance … Read More

Silk rose buds

At a recent class we created pretty tight rose buds of silk satin. Apparently this bud is the essence of most of rose flowers so in order to practice it a bit more I decided to make another one as a birthday gift for one of my friends. The rose bud is surrounded with leaves and is finished with a brooch base.I am sure that if I make 15 rose buds and put them in a nice vase they will … Read More

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