Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. We spent Sunday doing very little, in fact nothing apart from hot cross bun baking (with stem ginger and dark chocolate chips) and little soft sheep toy sewing. The sheep turned out to be really sweet. Just look at her: I am really becoming addicted to these soft tilda toys! I just have to make sure I do not sew too many to clutter the house 🙂 Earlier this week I … Read More

Hairpieces galore!

It is very cold in England. Despite the fact that the astronomic spring arrived in Blighty last Wednesday we continue to suffer from strong winds, snow and overnight frosts. People are desperate to see a bit of sunshine and the social media are full of signs of their despair such as this one: So to cheer us all up we’ve made a photo shoot starring my friend Katya from Moscow, wearing a number of my floral accessories and cocktail hats. … Read More

My second Wedding Fair, bestsellers and more

You know this feeling: you are waiting for something, the time is dragging on and it seems that it will never happen. But voila, with a blink of an eye the long-awaited event has come and gone! After 2 months of rather intensive preparations yesterday I took part in my second Wedding Fair ever and the first one in the new area. The event was organised by Norfolk Brides (many thanks to Dalia) and was held at the beautiful Drayton … Read More

Mother’s Day rose brooch

As we all know 2 days ago the country celebrated Mothering Sunday. And we were pleased to have my mother-in-law visiting us  for the weekend. Traveling to us by train meant that giving fresh flowers was not an option. That is why I decided to give her a … silk flower of course 🙂 This is one of my latest roses and it is particularly good for using in accessories thanks to its shape, double middle and large petals which … Read More

A pillbox hat with silk roses

It is natural to use my handmade silk flowers to decorate hats and fascinators. That is why I would like to master the art of hat making and from time to time I try and create a hat which I can then embellish with my flowers. As I am in the process of getting ready for a Wedding Fair with a vintage twist I have decided to make a wedding pillbox hat. As you can see the hat is made … Read More

My flower making tools

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! LIMITED OFFER ON SETS OF EXTRA NARROW FLOWER SHAPING TOOLS If you are interested please click here to find out more  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Those of you who admire handmade silk flowers might have thought about making them yourselves and wondered what magical equipment is required to do the job. So today I would like to give you an insight into the tools I am using for making my flowers. My set consists of flower making tools which belong to … Read More

Oversized flowers: to dare or not to dare

It seems that I create my flowers faster than I write about them 🙂 Which is probably not bad! I have noticed that there are quite a lot of oversized flowers found in bridal and fashion collections. They can be worn as hair accessories, as waist line decoration or an arm corsage. Pinterest is full of ideas and photos. So I have decided to try and make one myself. In fact I have another thought about an oversized flower which … Read More

A bridal halo with double cherry blossom

Well, you have probably noticed that recently I have created quite a number of wedding designs. Although, I love to create bridal accessories as much as flowers for other occasions and even for every day, the reason I am concentrating on the wedding theme is because in a month (exactly a month from today!) I am taking part in a large Wedding fair in this new for me area. The Drayton Old Lodge Wedding Fair is held on 17 March … Read More

Bridal choker necklace with a silk rose

There are many ways to use silk flower for decoration that have developed over the long period that the silk flowers have been around. Some of them are more obvious like brooches, corsages, hair clips, some are less. Another direction I am constantly working on apart from the diversity of the floral  form  is the diversity of application of these gorgeous creations. Here is one more way of using a handmade silk flower: a silk choker or a necklace. This … Read More

A bunch of grapes

I truly believe that a really great silk flower artist should be able to create diverse things. Yes, everybody loves roses. Yes, bridal accessories are always in demand. But one can not just make roses or white bridal flowers although I am not saying they have to be taken of the list. No way! But sometimes I want to take a break from popular designs and make something wacky, unconventional, but cute 🙂 For a long time I was planning to make a … Read More

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