silk rose choker necklace

Flower chokers

Delicate silk flowers seem to be a perfect fit for flower chokers , these romantic close-fitting necklaces that have remained popular over the years.

silk rose choker necklace

Perfect for bridal and evening wear, especially with strapless open neckline dresses flower chokers can accentuate the slender neck of the wearer as well as add a soft floral touch to the overall look. A medium sized rose works well here.

As we dye our silk flowers from scratch the flower choker can be easily matched in colour with the dress.
flower chokers side
For bridal flower chokers opt for white, ivory or cream fabrics and include lightweight golden or silver fabrics as a possible addition.
There are a number of metallic findings you can purchase for making chokers from ribbons. In the Silk Marie Antoinette tutorial I am demonstrating how to turn your handmade rose into a wearable one-size-fits-all choker simply using velvet and silk ribbons.
Another option to finish your silk rose is to use some soft tulle fabric (can be pur

leather poppy flower choker

chased in a number of colours) and tie it at the back into a large yet lightweight bow as shown in the photo on the right.
The fuller rose featured in this choker can be made during one of my
online video workshops I am planning to offer in the New Year.

Some leather flowers can also be turned into choker style necklaces.

It is better to choose light soft flowers like this ever so popular leather poppy (photo on the left).

Vogue feature berry choker

The poppy features 4 pairs of petals and it the right flower to be used here. Some leather roses can also be used instead (for example the Wild Leather Rose).
In the Leather Poppy Tutorial I am demonstrating how to turn the poppy stem into a choker style necklace, which means you will not need any special findings to turn your flower into a wearable piece.
Very romantic, the leather poppy can look rather dramatic and add a bright colour accent to an outfit.
Depending on the style, occasion and outfit there are different options for possible flower chokers  you can consider.
A couple of my silk rose chokers made it to the British Vogue last year. If you are not offering any flower choker pieces as part of your collection it is high time you did.
I wonder which one you prefer more, silk or leather?
flower chokers back