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Welcome to Live Online Flower Making Demonstrations

In 2021 I introduced a new educational format to what PresentPerfect Creations Studio has already had to offer, mainly Live Online Demonstrations.
These 90 or so minute long live Zoom meetings give me an opportunity to cover some topics and subjects that ae difficult to fit into a tutorial or a video course. For example, compare a tooled and no tool version of the same flower, or show how to make a design using both types of materials (leather and textile). A great number of the demonstrations so far have featured flowers that can be made without the use of specialist tools, yet still look stunning and impactful.

Another benefit of such live meetings is the communication between me and my students, the opportunity to ask and answer questions and make the distance between us somewhat disappear. This benefit is particularly important in the times of the pandemic, when opportunities to get together are still rather limited.

Have I mentioned that the recordings of all live online demonstrations are available to watch for the registered participants after the event is over?

Recordings of past events can be purchased. For future demostrations consider joining my Patreon (see below).

NEW Patreon membership

If you enjoy my live demos and come to most of them consider becoming my patron on Patreon, where for a monthly fee you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits including access to this month demonstration as well as some special discounts for patrons, preview of new work etc. Choose FLORA FAN tier here to join

For a monthly fee (currently $20 USD for the first 30 patrons) as a member of the club you are able to enjoy the following perks and benefits:
❀ Monthly Live Online Demonstration from the moment of joining onwards
❀ Members Discounts on my FLOWER TUTORIALS and COURSES
❀ Exclusive mini tutos
❀ Professional book reviews and recommendations
❀ Sneak peek behind the scenes
❀ Exclusive preview of new work and more…
Past demonstration recordings are not included but can be purchased separately: 


If you like the idea of taking part in such demonstrations, feel free to check out the schedule here. Meanwhile find below the list of all the past demonstrations, access to the recordings of which can now be purchased on the website here.


I would love to see you at my forthcoming live online demonstrations.



fabric Midsummer dream Rose demonstration cover

SILK RHODODENDRON deminstration cover

silk petunia flower earrings demo

fabric fantasy feather flower demo


miniature leather hat demonstration

FABRIC SUNFLOWER demonstration





leather chrysanthemums online event

online event on handmade butterflies and dragonflies


retro lily of the valley event only

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